Bix Block Adapter 568B pin-out (4 Pair)


4-Pair Bix Adapter (568B Pin Out) Converts Bix Block termination to RJ-45 modular jack.


The ITC-3009 Bix Block Adapter 568B pin-out (4 Pair) lets you conveniently test or install telephone equipment from Bix blocks, saving countless hours on every job. It can be used on repair visits to isolate trouble or to test new cable installations. The ITC-3009 can adapt directly from a Bix block to a telephone base cord eliminating the connecting block and associated wiring. It also allows conversion of Bix blocks to modular patch panels.

  • Permanent or temporary installations
  • Easy Test Access
  • Converts Bix Blocks to modular connections
  • Easy Half-Tap for cut over purposes
  • Eliminates the connecting block
  • Allows modular cross connects
  • Trouble-Shooting from any type of Bix block
  • Works with wiring in place

Additional information

Weight .030 lbs
Dimensions 1.6 × 1.2 × .9 in
Minimum Quantity

5 pieces for web site orders of this item.