SAFE-TIES ladder safety with S Hooks


SAFE-TIES ladder safety with S Hooks improve job safety without all the hassle.

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SAFE-TIES ladder safety with S Hooks improve job safety without all the hassle.

When it comes to ladder safety in the workplace, why struggle with long ropes and clumsy canvas straps?

The SAFE-TIE hooks around the ladder rails which eliminates the unnecessary rope loops and ties through the ladder. (Most Standard Practices call for 50 feet of 3/8 inch nylon rope to secure a ladder) SAFE-TIE is cam-buckle operated, which saves time over tying knots. These buckles allow them to be released in seconds, even when under tension. Because they are quick and easy to use, TECHNICIANS WILL USE THEM.

  • Meets OSHA requirements for securing a ladder
  • Light Weight and easy to use
  • Secures and ladder to a pole or aerial strand in less than half the time of rope or canvas straps
  • Releases in seconds without risking back injury
  • Saves enough time to pay for itself in only a few days
  • No Expensive ladder retrofit required
  • Stronger and Easier to use than rope or canvas straps
  • Tough Nylon 66 webbing won’t mildew or rot
  • Hardware meets Military Marine Corrosion Standards
  • Storage/Carrying Case included

The ITC-6004 uses a strap loop around the ladder rail.

SAFE-TIES were developed to support the Construction, Cable TV, Telecommunications, and Power Utilities industries. They improve workplace safety while improving productivity and controlling operating costs. SAFE-TIES enable a technician in less than a minute to stabilize a ladder before he/she climbs it.

Outdoors: Use SAFE-TIES to secure ladders to utility poles or any other secure structure.

Indoors: Use SAFE-TIES to secure ladders on slick floors. Attach to conduits, support beams, steam pipes, etc.

The bottom line is that compared to rope, canvas webbing, or any other known product or practice, SAFE-TIE is easier to use, more durable, less expensive and makes a greater contribution to productivity and safety. The “blaze orange” color enables the SAFE-TIE to easily be seen by pedestrians or passing supervisors.

Reduces ladder related accidents by a minimum of 50%. (Some reports indicate a reductions in excess of 70%).

Because ladder accidents are substantially reduced – the expense of lost time accidents is also cut down. This lowers insurance rates, legal expenses, administration costs and continues employee productivity.

In 1991, a leading industry testing organization stress load tested our SAFE-TIE products and found that the lower strap broke at 1670 lbs., the upper strap (ITC-6007 SKY HOOK) broke at 1720 lbs. But the ladder gave out at 1600 lbs.

SAFE-TIES have proven to be tough and dependable. In the more than 18 years SAFE-TIE has been on the marketplace, only 3 units have been returned — hooks bent and nylon shredded. Its seems they had been used to tow vehicles out of snow filled ditches. Obviously not what they are intended for, but a testimony to their toughness.


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