Sky-Hook ladder safety kit


The SKY-HOOK is a dual use device designed to secure a ladder to an aerial strand.

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The SKY-HOOK ladder safety kit is a dual use device designed to secure a ladder to an aerial strand, i.e. a “Strand-Tie”, and as a “Top-Tie” to secure the top of a ladder against a pole or super structure. Use in conjunction with the SAFE-TIE (ITC-6003 or ITC-6004) for maximum safety while climbing a ladder.

  • Meets OSHA requirements for securing a ladder
  • Light Weight and easy to use
  • Secures and ladder to a pole or aerial strand in less than half the time of rope or canvas straps
  • Releases in seconds without risking back injury
  • Saves enough time to pay for itself in only a few days
  • No Expensive ladder retrofit required
  • Stronger and Easier to use than rope or canvas straps
  • Tough Nylon 66 webbing won’t mildew or rot
  • Hardware meets Military Marine Corrosion Standards
  • Storage/Carrying Case included

Use as “Top-Tie”

  • Secures the top of a ladder to poles, pipes, superstructures, pillars, etc…
  • Eliminates Twist
  • Stabilizes with weight shifts
  • Great on small diameter poles
  • Superior to pole lash kits
  • No Top Heavy attachments

Use as “Strand-Tie”

  • Use on aerial strands, scaffolds, guard rails, etc…
  • Use with or without strand hooks
  • Prevents slide/lateral movement
  • Rides out wind weight and tension sag
  • Minimizes base drag
  • Strong Enough to suspend technician and ladder

Additional information

Weight 2.04 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 3 in