Telephone Line Tester


The ITC-3003 Telephone Line Tester enables the user to test from the jack for common trouble conditions such as an OPEN LINE, POLARITY REVERSAL and AC VOLTAGE. The Line Tester is capable of assisting the consumer or the testing technician in isolating trouble related to the central office, or the consumer’s inside wiring.


Using the ITC-3003 Telephone Line Tester while traveling, is an easy way to protect your sensitive communications equipment (laptop, fax, etc) from accidental damage caused by plugging into a digital line.

The Telephone Line Tester was actually designed as a consumer tool. It is very easy to use and is widely used as a promotional giveaway. It tells the user if there is AC voltage present, if the polarity is reversed, if the service is OK and when the line is dead.  It is a great promotional item for the communications industry because of its obvious relationship and because it is the kind of give-a-away that is retained by the consumer.  It does not run out of ink or need new batteries. It is kept and used. We have also found that many technicians like using the Telephone Line Tester because it is quick and easy and tells them what they need to know about 3/4 of the time without getting out their butt set.

  • Green Light = Service OK
  • Red Light = Polarity Reversal
  • Yellow Light = AC Voltage Present
  • No Light = Indicates Dead Line

Additional information

Weight .01 lbs
Dimensions 5 × .5 × .5 in

The Telephone Line Tester barrel can be customized to include a business logo and a service telephone number in addition to user instructions. (Minimum order of 1,000 units) Instruction only units are also available in addition to those with the traditional ITC identity.

Minimum Quantity

Minimum order of 10 units