Test-All IV Kit


Test Four pairs simultaneously for opens, shorts, reversals and transpositions. Also tests for foreign EMF, and can send tone on one or all 4 pairs.


The Test-All IV four pair cable test kit.

  • Designed to test wiring for PBX Electronic Key voice systems and LANs requiring 2, 3 or 4 pair cabling
  • Continuity testing for levels 3, 4 & 5 data cabling
  • Works with all manufacturers equipment from single line phones and 1A2 equipment to the newest electronic voice and data systems
  • Identifies opens, shorts, polarity reversals and transpositions
  • Tone Function eliminates the need to carry buzzers when tracing cable between line closets
  • Speed and simplicity make 100% testing practical & economical
  • U.S. Patent #4,703,497

Three Test Modes

  • Pair Voltage Test – For detecting voltage on the cable pairs and for monitoring the output of communications equipment.

  • Tone Mode – Sends tone on up to four pair simultaneously.

  • Continuity Test – Test four pair (eight conductors) simultaneously detecting: opens, shorts, reversals and transpositions.

Packaging:  Test-ALL IV comes equipped with the right kinds of cords, adapters and carrying case. It also includes a 9V battery; all the essentials for immediate field operations.

Documentation & Usability:  Test-ALL IV is well-documented both on the label and in the User Guide. It is easy to use, and will not confuse the field technician because it allows them to visually control the test.

Voltage Tests:  Test-ALL IV monitors the voltage output of all systems, including 1A2 and Electronic Key equipment.  It lights individual LEDs for each pair if voltage is present.  The LED color also determines polarity.  The Test-All IV has detected 120 Volt AC on 66 blocks many times during its years in the field.

Tone:  Test-ALL IV provides a distinctive warble tone on up to four pairs individually or simultaneously.

Continuity Tests:  The Test-ALL IV in association with the shorting plug makes it very simple to test cable installations  It advises the technician of opens, shorts, reversals, grounds and transpositions, and identifies numerous intermittent troubles that other cable testers miss.

Four Times Faster Testing New Cable – Specially designed for testing new four-pair twisted cable prior to installation of communications equipment. TheTest-ALL IV is ideal for testing multi-pair cable in all types of voice and data environments.  One technician does a quality job of testing in 1/4 the time by testing four pair simultaneously.  Test-All IV detects trouble that other test sets can not find, such as transpositions and high-resistance opens.

Four Test Functions in One Test Set – Test-ALL IV was designed to work with the AT&T PDS four-pair wiring plan.  It works equally well with all other wiring configurations, phone systems and computer equipment.  The included accessories and modular connections enable technicians to test with all types of facilities and associated equipment.


Test All IV ITC-3002
8 Conductor Modular Cord ITC-3002A
Cat5 110 Adapter ITC-3502B
Universal 66 Block Adapter ITC-3002C
BIX Adapter ITC-3009
Modular LED Shorting Plug ITC-3002E
Modular Alligator Clip Cord ITC-3002F
Protective Carrying Case w/Belt Loop ITC-3002G
Users Guide


Additional information

Weight 1.3 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 5 in